∆ 3D printed design created with a newly developed style of an interactive CAD process that allows an exponential array of design possibilities

∆ Symmetrical 3D forms modeled and designed with the industry standard program, Maya, printed in Brooklyn with a quality strong, flexible material, Nylon, at the leading 3D printing company, Shapeways

∆ Chains and embellishments are then added to the piece based on the design and what fits with the model

∆ Specific chain embellishments are customizable with most products upon request


I am a 3D designer and artist who creates my original pieces with the software Autodesk Maya. It is the leading industry standard software used for visual effects, and since being a visual effects freelance animator, I have learned key tools that help with my 3D modeling as a 3D print artist. With four years of experience in the CGI field, I have developed the knowledge and skills to have created a process and style of execution, that allows me to interactively move, scale, rotate and deform model combinations symmetrically in a live interactive CAD process, leading to the outcome and exponential range and array of design possibilities. This allows me also to be able to pinpoint an exact design that I had previously developed, and augment more designs in real-time.

Many of my pieces are derived from bones, antlers, tusks, fangs and other organic body elements of animals. I've always been so intrigued and inspired by the skeletal system and believe that incorporating organic elements to emphasize our own bodies and skeletal system is particularly appealing to enhance and bring out our own body's features. I try to incorporate these structures into my work to bring out our own skeletal and muscular makeup to compliment the female figure.

So I think 3D printing as we know it today will not be the way we make garments in future, but the essence of 3D printing – starting 3D and skipping the phase of 2D, will be it, yes - Iris van Herpen

∆ Designer / Modeler - Ashley Morgan




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